How I Avoided Another Online Scam, Started a Real Amazon Kindle Business
and Got To Over $2000 Per Month in 3 Months

Can you create a product in less than 90 seconds right on your computer
that's ready to be sold on Amazon?

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NO customer service, upfront costs, product storage issues,
additional marketing costs, or illegal review swaps

  • No Previous Experience Or Graphic Design Skills Needed
  • Can Be Set Up From Any Country In The World
  • Step-By-Step Over the Shoulder Training - Over 50 Videos ! - $299 Value
  • Able to List Your Products Immediately That May Lead to
    Your First Commission (If You Have Active KDP Account)
  • Can be Done Full-time or Part-Time
  • RISK FREE - 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

What This Course Will Do For You :

Help You Save Money & Teach You to Start
a Kindle Publishing Business

1. Recommend the best free tools that are available for your browser and that already work for me and my business

2. Show you where you can get free images and the most affordable royalty-free images that I use in my own business

3. Teach you everything about journal interiors and how to create them from scratch without having to buy additional PDFs (otherwise you’d have to get something like Tangent template interiors for $59 !)

Help You Avoid Mistakes

1. Teach you to correctly set up your KDP account, even if you still don’t have a TAX ID

2. Teach you to edit your images with free tools available so they look good and comply with Amazon’s quality standards.

3. Teach you to set up the right dimensions and interior for your products so you don’t have to deal with product rejections. This is what nobody told me when I started and had to battle with constant product review rejections the first two weeks in my business!

Help You Increase Sales

1. Teach you to publish your journals correctly and also a simple keyword method that helps me to use 15+ keywords per journal instead of just 7

2. Show you how to price your journals, when to raise the price and how to deal with a drop in sales.

3.Show you how to collect quotes for your journals that will help you get higher sales

4. Show you how to test different niches, how to tell whether a niche is profitable so you can publish more journals in that niche and increase your sales

5.Show you how to get the advantage of seasons and seasonal products to double or even triple your monthly sales. I will also give you a list of the most important holidays for free

6. Show you how to get the advantage of free and paid mass upload tools so you can scale up your business without hiring a virtual assistant. Answer the most crucial questions such as “How do I deal with negative reviews?” “What percentage of my journals will sell?”

Bonus PDFs For Those Who Get The Full Course (Not Just the Trial)

1. Lined Interior – No need to buy lined interior from places like Tangent templates that cost $69

2. Fully pre-designed front page of a journal necessary for publishing all your journals